Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

RegPat Solutions offers the following customized IP Services to Pharma and Biotech Sectors.

♦   Patent Search Services
  • Patent Landscaping & Mapping.
  • Freedom-To-Operate Analysis.
  • Identifying Non-Infringing Options,
  • Invalidity Study.
  • Patentability study.


♦   Patent Filing Services
  •  Patent Drafting.
  •  Filing Indian Patent Applications.
  • Filing PCT Applications.
  • Formulating the Strategy and Filing Patent Applications in other countries through professional partners.
  • Prosecution / Examination Services.
  • Preparing and Filing Oppositions.
  • Maintenance of patents.


♦   Competitors watch and market intelligence for existing research programs.


♦   Due diligence from IP Perspective in Mergers, Acquisitions & Takeovers.


♦   Portfolio Management Consultation
  • Consultation for Generic Product Selection.
  • API.
  • Finished Dose Forms.
  • Para IV Opportunities
  • Niche Product Opportunities.
  • Consultation on Project Management for Developing Products.
  • IP Due Diligence.
  • Identification of new indications for existing products.


♦   IP Support for Regulatory Filing
  • preparation of opinions on Orange Book / Patent Register patents.
  • Preparation of ANDA Certifications for US, CA, AU, CN.
  • Clearance of Product labels/ Package inserts for all countries.
  • Preparation of notice letter.


♦   Negotiation and preparation of Contract research and manufacturing agreements